Base Plus working keys Plus license file for NOD32

Base + working keys + license file for NOD32 on 08/13/2010 | 67 MB

New database updates v.3.hh NOD32 2.xx and 4.xx and Free Offline Nod32 Update (without the internet access in off-line) version 5362 + bonus working the keys + files license for ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security NOD32 from 13/08/2010.
Installing the Database:
1. Unpack the archive with the Base updates in a folder, for example - C: \ bases.
2. Add Server: Additional tinctures (F5) - Updates - Server Updates - Change - Add (here set the path to the folder with the databases).
3. Select the Servers tab in the newly created your server.
4. Back in the "Updates" tab and click "Update virus signature database.

Title: Base + working keys + license file for NOD32 on 08/13/2010
Size: ~ 67 MB
Release Date: 08/13/2010

PS: In the archives of detailed instructions for installing database files and licenses for ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security NOD32 + User's Guide NOD32, instructions on how to optimize for games + wallpapers robochego table + program to search for keys. ALWAYS turn off "early detection system" (Threat Sense Net) in view of the fact that the keys are often introducing a blacklist (banyat, after which they cease to work).
The license file and key update NOD32 - are different things, without the license file is a program to work and will be updated, no keys, which also has a license, NO. The license file will only need to activate - the mirror updates. Keys are needed to upgrade from official servers eset and actually are the main license NOD32. When the NOD32 icon in the tray is orange and appears that the license will expire in 14 days for example - this means that expires just an upgrade key. Do not worry, all these 14 days will be updated antivirus and protect your computer in full. You also have to do is change the key, taking it from us and eye NOD32 again become green. Remember - the term license NOD32 antivirus program identifies a key update, but not the license file.


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